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VAS - Veterinary Anaesthesia Services & VASTA - Veterinary Anaesthesia School for Technicians and Nurses

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VAS - Veterinary Anaesthesia Services – International
The Veterinary Anaesthesia Services – International, founded in 2006 and active Europe-wide offers Anaesthesia solutions for hospital chains, private practice, research teams and pet owners equally. We provide consulting, teaching, equipment and practical anaesthesia help. The one-stop-shop-solutions start from concepts and planning of pet hospital constructions, go over to equipment and process optimization, to consulting and actual performance of anaesthesia.

VASTA - Veterinary Anaesthesia School for Technicians and Nurses

The Veterinary Anaesthesia School provides an internationally recognized, well-founded education in Veterinary Anaesthesia for nurses, technicians and veterinarians. The first internationally active school with its course of approximately 1-year duration provides you with insight knowledge and skills in all clinically relevant fields of Anaesthesia and Analgesia (focus on small animals). It helps you to bring the level of care in your practice and clinic to new heights while at the same time giving you insights into the why’s and how-to’s that allow you to be well oriented in the present and future. Joining the global VASTA-family will be your long-term solution for anaesthesia and analgesia questions as we stay connected over time.