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Martina Mosing

About Martina Mosing

Ini graduated from the Veterinary University in Vienna, Austria. Over the following 10 years she was involved in the building-up of the Clinic of Veterinary Anaesthesia and perioperative Intensive care in Vienna and did a residency in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia in Bern, Switzerland. She became a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia and soon afterwards decided to explore the British way of veterinary anaesthesia as senior lecturer at the University of Liverpool. Then she moved back to the continent (Europe) and was working in the Division of Anaesthesiology at the Vet-Suisse Faculty, University in Zurich, Switzerland. In 2016 she finally joined the anaesthesia team at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia and is enjoying Τhe Aussie way of veterinary anaesthesia.

Her main research interest is in pulmonary ventilation and gas exchange during anaesthesia and monitoring of lung pathophysiology using electrical impedance tomography.